‘ZUCCHERO PARTIGIANO REGGIANO’ was the thrilling narrative of an Italy authentic and rustic, told through the life and music of Zucchero, the most celebrated Italian rock / blues singer.

Zucchero sang the most exciting songs among those he composed in more than 30 years of activity, accompanied by a 13-piece orchestra.
The show was attended by a large group of friends of the Emilian artist: starting with the two ‘historical’ song writers Guccini and De Gregori, and continuing with major Italian and international artists, including Andrea Bocelli, Elisa, 2Cellos, and Paul Young.

200 DTS moving heads (EVO, RAPTOR, NRG and WONDER 1201), installed by the rental company EMMEDUE led by Attilio Ruggiero, lit the live event held in the Auditorium RAI of the Foro Italico in Rome, and broadcast on RAI 1 last September 10.
Director of Photography, Marco Grimaldi.