All together now: 100 SYNERGYs light up the judges

All together now is the new musical talent show aired for 6 episodes in prime time on ‘Canale 5’, Italy.
A high-profile production, with over 500 DTS projectors supplied and installed by Madema Italia, one of the main italian rental companies in the field of large TV productions.

All together now contains an ‘iconic’ scenographic element that sets it apart from any other show seen so far. An 8 m high “human wall” in which 100 talent judges are pigeon-holed on different levels, lit up by 100 SYNERGY 5 PROFILE moving heads.

To illuminate this central scenic element, the choice of the Lighting Designer was to use 130 SYNERGY 5 PROFILE by DTS, a product Madema Italia has decided to invest in, for this show and for the countless possibilities of future use.
The lighting installation – never realized before – is a real technological challenge, as Massimo Pascucci, Director of Photography of ‘All together now’ explains.

The inteview to Massimo Pascucci

“I share All together now with my colleague Francesco De Cave (Lighting Programmer and Lighting Designer), because we both took care of the show.

All together now’is a very complex project because there is the need to light up the 100 characters that make up the jury’s wall, and each person must be lit up by a single projector.
But not only this: in the context of this wall, of this composition of 100 people, there is also the intervention of the presenter Michelle Hunziker, who occasionally crosses it.

With normal profilers, not controlled remotely, we would make millimetric aimings, to prevent the beams of two adjacent profilers creating an overlap on her, while she stops at the center between two people and to interview them.

With SYNERGY, being able to remotely adjust the framing, we have solved this problem; we set the projectors using the MIDI system, because the start is managed via software and is operated by a button; when any of the 100 judges press it and stand up, the related SYNERGY turns on giving them the front light.
In addition, the use of frost filter, which has the purity of intervention that we looked for, has given us the possibility of having 100 different projectors when we want it, but also that of making them look like a single projector when necessary. So, when we insert the frost, you no longer notice the presence of 100 light sources but they look like a single projector, which is exactly the result we wanted.

Lighting up 100 people by 100 different light sources was a challenge, because having 100 projectors all with the same CRI, light intensity and light quality is not easy. With the 100 SYNERGYs we have achieved a really good result, with few differences between them.”

  • YEAR 2019
  • Director of PhotographyMassimo Pascucci
  • Lighting Designer and ProgrammerFrancesco De Cave
  • Rental companyMadema Italia
  • Products involvedSYNERGY 5 PROFILE