BRICK and NRG 1401 at Devilstone Festival 2018

Devilstone Festival 2018 – which took place in Anykščiai, Lithuania – has once more lived up to its fame, gathering fifty of the best bands in the music genres of Psychedelic, metal, dark, post-punk, trash, gothic, and electronic.

The main stage on which top artists performed – set in the evocative location of the Anykščiai woods – was lit by an impressive lighting system featuring 50 fixtures by DTS.

JaGa, the rental company entrusted with the setup, installed 32 NICK NRG 1401 moving heads on various horizontal trusses set upon the stage; besides using the NRGs as powerful wash lights, they were even pixel-mapped for eye-catching lighting effects, creating a range of visual solutions.

18 BRICK units in backlighting were located in pairs on various truss sections lifted up and down via hoists.
The BRICKs impressed with their brightness and color definition:

The bricks work perfectly as blinders and strobes… must say they were breathtaking” was the judgment.


Identity card: Devilstone Festival

Devilstone is a one-of-a-kind open-air festival held since 2009 in Lithuania, remarkable for its radical approach to music and visual arts, encompassing in four days a variety of exhibitions, performances, screenings and, above all, more than fifty Rock concerts.

  • Products supplied bySonus
  • Rental CompanyJaGa
  • Lighting DesignABlight Arvydas Buinauskas
  • Products involvedBRICK; NICK NRG 1401