DTS fixtures turn on the nights of the “Social Music City”

The former railway station of Porta Romana is one of the ‘historic’ areas of Milan waiting to be recovered with a project of urban revaluation. Since 2015 is the ‘Social Music City’ that enhances that unused space with its tensio-structure, attracting thousands of young people thanks to the DJ sets of the best artists and spectacular themed events.
The lighting system of the Social Music City consists of 78 moving heads by DTS: 46 RAPTOR, 12 EVO and 20 WONDER units.

Daniele Campanaro, resident programmer of the Social Music City, described the lighting installation:

“This is the second year that Feliciano Musillo (Felix) of ‘Expect Nothing’ asks me to program the stage lighting.
The lighting project of SMC is by Felix, with whom I collaborate on different projects programming the light shows.
A lighting design that satisfies the variety of SMC events – from electronic dance to corporate events – is certainly not easy to design; in this case the use of a ‘matrix’ setup greatly facilitates the programming of the effects.

Felix’s idea was to create this matrix to obtain an always “squared” effect: it is made of 2 rectangular trusses containing 24 RAPTOR on 4 rows of 6; 20 WONDER on four rows of 5; and 4 EVO units used as keylight.
Also there are 4 EVO laid down vertically on the internal sides of the layers to “compact” and highlight the matrix.
22 RAPTOR fixtures on two parallel trusses suspended above the audience round up the setup.
Personally, I know both EVOs and RAPTORs very well, both performing with extreme power and versatility. I knew a little less about the WONDERs but I must say that they turned out to be really fun projectors to use.”

Daniele Campanaro is a Lighting Programmer particularly active in the television sector; among his most recent works: ‘Saturday Night Live’ for TV8, and ‘Big Show’ for Mediaset

  • Lighting projectFeliciano Musillo (Felix - Expect Nothing)
  • MA programmerDaniele Campanaro
  • Rental companyDecibel Events Di Volponi Mattia
  • Picture copyrightDamiano Alessandri (pic 1 - 2 - 3 - 4)
    Lagarty Photo (pic 5)
  • Products involvedEVO; RAPTOR; WONDER.D