DTS: light in the heart of the city

The third edition of “Cœur de Ville en lumières” was held in Montpellier, France, from the 1st to 3rd of December.

DTS participated with its projectors to the event, that has proposed to his audience a fascinating journey through artistic performances and lighting installations that have enhanced the most impressive sights of Montpellier city centre.
Event within the event was the performance ‘Rayons lux’, hosted in the ancient ‘Hôtel St Côme’, where a giant mirror ball was installed, a perennial emblem of dance hall golden age. The beautiful courtyard, lit with DTS projectors, became for three nights a charming old-style dance floor, on which a pair of tangueros created moments of sensuality and poetry, while the mirrored ball created a symbolic continuity with the past, illuminating the city with its rays.

The lighting designer Maurice Fouilhe, used only DTS products to create ‘Rayon Lux’.

For the Cœur de Ville en lumière event, I needed a powerful LED wash for outdoor use, which could deliver very nice and profound colors. That’s why I chose the DELTA 12, as it can create the colors I had in mind, even to project on stone wall, as the color gamut of the DELTA range is impressive.

I also looked for very powerful and bright lights for the mirror ball. The RAPTORs gave me the super powerful array of light I wanted; as their beam is tight and the mirror ball is 2,20 m large, I added some MAX units, so I could use their zoom in order to embrace the complete ball, and strongly increase the beam reflections.
Besides the overall reliability of the DTS fixtures, I was impressed by the luminosity and the color mix quality of the DELTA, the super brightness – even dangerous 😉 – of the RAPTOR, and the zoom range of the MAX.
For sure, I will use them again on other projects.”