DTS lit the the only Italian concert of Iggy Pop tour

Iggy Pop, at his best on the main stage of ‘Medimex’, bewitched the 80,000 fans who came to Bari from all over Italy for the only Italian gig of the ‘Iguana of Rock’.
It was indeed a special event, perhaps unrepeatable, set in the frame of a beautiful city, on the stage built between the City Hall and the Prefecture.
The Lighting set up of the Iggy Pop gig was entrusted to the rental company ‘Phoenix Lights’, which installed 80 DTS moving heads.
Matteo Epifani, Director of Phoenix, described the set up as follows:
With Phoenix I installed a lighting system fully made of DTS projectors; I agreed with Carlo Pastore – the Resident LD of Medimex – on the type of projectors to be used.
Following Carlo’s design, we emploied the same set up for all the concerts, which besides Iggy Pop included Tricky and Slowdives: we created a roof with the NICKs to light the Medimex backdrop; we used the new NRG 1401, the RAPTORs and the EVOs as a backlight either on the roof and on the ground; and also the EVOs for the front lighting.
The result was exceptional; as LD of the main concerts of Medimex 4-day event, Carlo was extremely pleased with the performance of the entire DTS lighting system.

Medimex has been a cultural / spectacular event at the International Festival & Music Conference promoted by Puglia Sounds, which has offered to a wide audience of enthusiasts a rich program of great concerts, meetings with artists and exhibitions.

  • YEAR 2017
  • Lighting DesignerCarlo Pastore
  • Rental CompanyPhoenix Lights
  • Products InvolvedNICK NRG 1401; RAPTOR; EVO