Green Day’s 21st Century Breakdown American Tour

After dozens of concerts in the Far East and Europe, Billie Joe Armstrong’s band has moved to America, for a maxi-tour that kicked off in New Jersey and has covered the whole continent from North to South, ending in Costa Rica.
In Brazil, Green Day performed in four sold-out concerts, in the ‘Gigantinho’ stadium of Porto Alegre, in the HSBC Arena of Rio de Janeiro, in the ‘Ginásio Nilson Nelson’ of Brasilia, and in the ‘Arena Anhembi’ of Sao Paulo.

Products used
In all the concerts of the Brazilian tour, Green Day were lit up by the new D.T.S. XR series moving heads, ideal in high level professional events thanks to their power and functions versatility:
* XR3000 SPOT CMY (85.000 Lux at 5 m, brand new optics for extra-sharp focusing).
* XR3000 BEAM (283.500 Lux at 5 m, capacity to project a highly condensed and intense beam of light even over great distances).