150 DTS moving heads turn on ‘MAC’ 2019

‘MAC’ (Music Awards Ceremony) is a special event created and produced by Skymusic on the occasion of its 25th anniversary.

The 4-hour event – the most ambitious ever produced in the region – was broadcast live by five TV stations with national coverages.

To stage ‘MAC’, Skymusic used cutting edge technologies, innovative audio and video concepts, and the best in lighting equipment.

150 moving head fixtures by DTS took part in the mega-show, including COREs, RAPTORs and NRG 1201 units, all of them hanged on trusses above the stage.

So Skymusic described the performance of the DTS projectors: “They are really great fixtures; compact and lightweight, precise and extra-bright.”

‘MAC’ took place last January 29th at Štark Arena in Belgrad, Serbia, gathering the biggest stars from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia at the first regional music awards event of the kind.

More than 25 awards were given to songs and performers in various music genres.

  • YEAR 2019
  • Lighting designersMarko Malešević, Nikola Marković
  • ProducerSkymusic
  • Products involvedCORE; RAPTOR; NICK NRG 1201