MAX L on the stage of ‘Drums’n’Percussion’

Once again, the Heinz Nixdorf Museum in Paderborn, Germany, has offered its space to ‘Drums’n’Percussion’, the biggest European festival dedicated to drums and percussions.
The formula of ‘Drums’n’Percussion’, tried-and-tested and very successful, included this year four intense days of meetings, workshops, and of course concerts, with the participation of internationally renowned drummers, such as: Ginger Baker (the living legend, the founder of the Cream); Ndugu Chancler (featuring a record of collaborations ranging from Frank Sinatra to Herbie Hancock), and Bernard Purdie (from Aretha Franklin to Miles Davis, not forgetting Cat Stevens…).
MAX L Moving heads have played an important role in the success of Drums’n’Percussion.
Herbert Löser, Project Manager of AFV Medienproduktion, said: “We installed the MAX L above the stage and over the audience; these moving heads offer an extraordinary brightness, but at the same time are light and have a very low energy consumption, and that’s a big advantage”.

  • EventDrums'n'Percussion
  • LocationHeinz Nixdorf Museum
  • CityPaderborn, Germany
  • InstallationAFV Medienproduktion
  • Project ManagerHerbert Löser
  • Product involvedMAX L