SCENA LED and PROFILO LED enhance the visual experience at Utrecht’s Railway Museum

The DTS SCENA and PROFILO LED Series provided all the necessary options to get the right exposure. We used a mix of DTS Fresnell projectors and profilers with a white 3000 K or full RGBW LEDs.
The end result is beautiful, and it brings history back to life in a modern way.”
That’s the feedback which came from the companies involved in the lighting installation made at the Dutch national Railway Museum of Utricht, The Netherlands.

The recent refurbishing works of the Museum included the updating of the lighting infrastructure. Lighting is truly an important part of the renewed design, to create an immersive and engaging experience for the visitors.
Full AVL, in collaboration with Leisure Expert Group, organized a series of product tests, at the end of which they chose SCENA LED theatre projectors and PROFILO LED profile spot LED-source fixtures by DTS, the most modern and energy-efficient manner to light the Railway Museum.
Their features – high efficiency, long life, easy maintenance, noisless, flicker-free operation, low consumption – were the criteria of the choice.

The Dutch national Railway Museum – established in 1927 and renovated many times since – preserves old historically notable rail equipment, including historic steam locomotives.