SCENA and NRG 801 fixtures light the Rijkswaterstaat LEF in Utrecht

Rijkswaterstaat’s ‘LEF future center’, located in Utrecht, is 100% focused on breaking negative patterns during specially designated group sessions. In an inspiring and supportive environment process, which is based on neurological and psychological science. The spaces of LEF are fully geared to encouraging and supporting innovative processes and solutions, by using specially defined “spheres” on the basis of wall projections, furniture, color, smell, sight and sound.
LEF has recently replaced the lighting gear previously installed; the choice was DTS fixtures. The two large halls were equipped with 24 pcs Scena LED 80 FC, a multi-chip RGBW Fresnel fixture ideal for an even illumination of the space in various moods and colors.
Also, 8 pcs NRG 801 CT moving head projectors were used for the illumination of various speaker positions. This White Light Moving Heads with high yield and adjustable color temperature are ideal for faithfully highlighting people and objects.
The lighting equipment was installed by Turific technische dienstverlening.

  • SiteLEF future center
  • LocationUtrecht, The Netherlands
  • InstallerTurific technische dienstverlening
  • SupplierFull AVL
  • Product involvedSCENA LED 80 FC