The ‘Tree of Life’ shines again today with DTS.

The Tree of Life shines again today with DTS, after its recent refurbishment.

The ‘Tree of Life’ was the symbol of the Italian pavilion at the past Expo 2015.
A work which combined the monumentality of the steel and wood structure with the elegance of the form and the refined quote of Italian Renaissance.
After being the symbol of Expo 2015, at the very center of exciting shows that blended water, light and multimedia, the ‘Tree of Life’ has been now reconfirmed in the same place, within the 130,000 square meters of the former World Expo site, in the exhibition area of Rho-Pero, in Milan.
For this second life, the lighting system of the iconic structure has just been upgraded with the installation of 30 EVO moving heads, made by the rental company Agorà.

Agorà had already taken care of the first lighting installation of the ‘Tree’, seen by 14 million people during the Expo 2015.
For this recent upgrade, the EVOs have been hung from the ‘branches’ of the ‘Tree of Life’, 37 meters high, and laid out on the ground around the perimeter of the surrounding Lake Arena, protected by transparent domes.

  • Rental companyAgorà
  • Products involvedEVO