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The SCENA line has been designed for theatre installations, and offers a remarkable light quality emission, both in full color LED variants, and in white LEDs, which include the variable temperature color solutions. The classic design, combined with the unmatched performance of the Fresnel lens and the wide zoom excursion, ensures a striking wash lighting.

Scena LED 80 is a multichip LED-based projector in a compact and lightweight size. The unit is equipped with an efficiency RGBW LED source and a 112 mm diameter Fresnel lens. The unit is suitable for small to medium TV studios, theatres or museums and it is a versatile alternative to conventional lights. Thanks to a dedicated kit it is possible to install the fixture on electrified rails.

Technical data

• Single high-power 4-color LED

• Lumens output (RGBW): up to 1,172 @ 700mA

• LED lifespan: 50,000 hours (70% lumen output)

• Ø 112 mm Fresnel lens
• 14°- 77° linear zoom

• DMX 512 / RDM protocols

• 4-digit 7-segment LED display + 4 soft keys

• Internal operating system updatable via DTS dongle firmware uploader

• 10 DMX channels (default)

• Full-range 100-240Vac 50-60 Hz

• Power consumption: 100 W max

• Power Factor: PF >0.95

• Power supply: PowerCON In&Out panel connectors

• DMX: XLR 5-pole In&Out panel connectors

• Overvoltage and overtemperature circuits protection

• Weight: 4.2 Kg (9.3 lbs)

• 1 x PowerCON female cable connector (code 0520P014)

• 1 x XLR 5 pins male cable connector (code 0508B028)

• 1 x XLR 5 pins female cable connector (code 0508B027)

• 1 x FilterframeBlack finishing - already installed on the projector (code 02M00422.46)

• 03.TA206 • Barndoor black finishing

• 0521A012 • G50 “C” Clamp - max. load 10 Kg

• 0521A004 • G60 “C” Clamp - max. load 50 Kg

• 0509C158 • Outdoor DMX cable 2 x 0.25 mm2 - Flame ratardant

• 03.LA.206 • DTS Dongle firmware uploader

• 0521A010 • Safety cable 3 x 600 mm - Max load 30 Kg

• 03.LA.235 • Kit track adaptor - black finishing (Mecanical adaptor + Electrical adaptor)






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