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64 output channles (individually programmable)

controlled via RDM / DMX 512 or Art-Net
(with optional interface)

current selectable for each output channel

touch-screen color display

updatable operating system

monitoring of projectors status on built-in display

Specifiche tecniche

DRIVENET 1664 24 V is the most advanced rack-mountable, 90-260 Vac 50-60 Hz, power supply / controller unit in DTS range. The unit has been developed to power LED projectors working in underwater installations – such as swimming pools – where safety regulations request 24 V DC max voltage. DRIVENET 1664 24 V introduces a series of cutting edge features: *64 output channels individually programmable (16 groups, 4 channels each); *Unit controlled via RDM/DMX512 protocol or Art-Net protocol (with optional interface); *Current individually selectable for each output channel; *Touch-screen color display for managing any function; *Updatable operating software. DRIVENET 1664 24 V can control a vast range of DTS LED projectors. DRIVENET 1664 24 V can also control any other current-driven LED projector matching the unit output specifications. The unit is fitted with screw terminal connectors.
* Refer to local norms in case of underwater installation.

Output channels: 64 (4 channels x 16 groups)
Output current: up to 700 mA (individually selectable for each output channel)
Output voltage: 24 Vdc
Max power: 1100 W

Max 100 m (units featuring RGBW or WHITE LEDs)
Max 100 m (units featuring FC or CT LEDs)

Output: 8-pole screw terminals connectors
DMX In/Out: XLR 5-pole and XLR 3-pole chassis connectors

90 – 260 Vac
50-60 Hz

Protocols: RDM / DMX 512
Art-Net (optional interface required)
Touch-screen color display
Monitoring of projectors status on built-in display
Operating system updatable via DTS RED BOX

3-unit rack-mountable sturdy metal case covered with epoxy paint
Protection rating: IP20
Dimensions: W 480mm / H 131 mm / D 497 mm
Weigth: 11.4 Kg






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