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FOCUS.D ZOOM is a extremely compact IP20 LED projectors range with a long-range manual zoom. Thanks to the RGBW LED and the built-in control driver, it adapts to the most demanding expositive needs. The on-board LED driver combined with a remote power source allow to control fixtures via DMX 512 / RDM communication protocols but offering at same time freedom of use.

Focus.d zoom 1 IP20 projector features a long excursion zoom and a multichip color LED to offer a versatile lighting beam and an optimal color mixing. The projector, fitted with a orientable bracket, is ideal for small and medium-sized spaces where compactness and versatility are required, such as exhibition, retail stores, restaurants, museums or clubs.

Technical data

• 1 x 4-colors LED

• Lumens output (RGBW): 429 @ 700mA

• LED lifespan: 50,000 hours (70% lumen output)

Long-excursion 3.5° - 52° manual zoom

• DMX 512 / RDM protocols
• DMX address setting and functions can be also managed by the dedicated DLC 901 remote control

• 4 DMX channels (default)
• 10 channels

• LED driver on board
• External constant voltage PSU Led driver 12 ÷ 48 VdC

• Consumption: 10 W max

• 90 cm end-stripped 4-pole cable fo Power and DMX

• Housing: Aluminium

• Finishing: Silver RAL 9006

• Weight: 0.94 Kg (2 lbs)

• Constant voltage PSU - Max 9 units parallel wired
0502T063 • 48VdC 100W IP67
0502T056 • 24VdC 100W IP67
0502T067 • 12VdC 100W IP67

• 0502B023 • Constant voltage PSU 12VdC 20W IP67 - Max 1 unit

• 03.LA.227 • DMX Power Hub - Max. 4 units (1 item per output)

• 0509C083 • 4-pole outdoor cable

• 03.LA.063.1 • Dongle DLC 901

• 03.LA.206 • DTS dongle firmware uploader

• 0521A010 • Safety cable - 0.3x60 cm - max. capacity load 60 Kg






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