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HELIOS is our line of recessed projectors that, thanks the round flange perfectly integrated into the flooring, is particularly suitable for installations on traditional or industrial surfaces. Available in full-color or in a white LED version, with built-in or external control drivers, Helios is the ideal product to create the best outdoor atmosphere and to highlight architectural elements with wall washing lighting.

Helios 9 wh is a lighting projector designed for fixed installation where white quality light is mandatory. Thanks to the reinforced IP65-rated structure, made in aluminum and steel, and the remote power and control make it perfect for recessed installation in outdoor environment. Helios 9 wh features 9 white LEDs that guarantee a high-standard lighting performance.

Technical data

• 9 x White LED

• Lumens output (3000 K): 1,750 @ 700 mA

• LED lifespan: 50,000 hours (70% lumen output)

• Medium flood 20°
• Wide flood 36°

• External CC PSU Led driver 700mA max per channel

• Max distance between Drivenet PSU and fixture 100 m

• Consumption: max 18 W @ 700mA

• 90 cm end-stripped 2-pole cable

• Housing: Body in aluminium and flange in Stainless Steel

• Weight: 2.2 Kg (4.85 lbs)

• 0502T031 • Constant current PSU 700mA 9 ÷ 48Vdc - Max. 1 unit

• Constant current PSU - Max 2 units serial wired @ 700mA
0514M240 • 500-1400mA 60W *Push Dimming *DALI *230Vac
0514M241 • 500- 1400mA 60W *Push Dimming *DALI *100Vac

• 0509C081 • 2-pole underwater cable

• 03.LA.190 • Outercase IP20 rated






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