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The VICE line is designed for indoor venues where discretion and elegance are of paramount importance, such as retail stores and professional spaces. The optimal performance and the use of white or full color LEDs allow to fully manage the light output and to adapt the product to any specific need. Thanks to the external PSU it will be ease to control a large number of units.

Vice 1 Downlight is a powerful wash downlight LED projector designed for recessed ceiling applications. This discrete fixture casts a powerful wash of light capable to uniformly illuminate objects and surfaces with a homogeneous projection. Vice, also, offers an elegant design – including a white finish aluminum flange - that makes it easy to insert in any refined setting.

Technical data

• 1 x 4 color LEDs

• Lumens output (RGBW): 415 @ 700mA

• LED lifespan: 50,000 hours (70% lumen output)

• Medium flood 22°
• Wide flood 38°

• External CC PSU Led driver 700mA max per channel

• Max distance between Drivenet PSU and fixture 100 m

• Consumption: max 10 W @ 700mA

• 1 x 90 cm end-stripped 8-pole cable

• Housing: Aluminium
• Flange: 9010 finishing
• Weight: 0.36 Kg (0.8 lbs)

• 03.LA.131 • HUB-IP20 Screw terminal 1 in / 3 out

• 03.LA.131.IP56 • HUB-IP56 Screw terminal 1 in / 3 out

• 0509C062.PUR • 8-pole outdoor cable






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