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15 x ostar RGBW LEDs

high quality color mixing

single pixel control

interchangeable beam angles

IP 65 waterproof LED bar

ETL certified


Technical data

FOS 100 DYNAMIC is compact and robust LED bar fitted with 15 OSTAR Full Color LEDs individually controllable. This powerful LED bar can be used either for background lighting or for dynamic effects. The unit is available with different beam angles and it can be fitted with additional filters to further enlarge its projections range.
FOS 100 Dynamic is IP65-rated; the unit can be fitted with an IP20-rated PSU for temporary installations, or with an IP65-rated PSU for permanent ones.

• 15 Full Color (RGBW) LEDs
• Pixel to pixel control
• Lumens: 4,608 @ 500mA
• LED lifespan: 50,000 hours (70% lumen output)

• 3 lenses sets available: 10° / 25° / 40°
• Holographic filters available on request
• Uniform projection on surfaces

• 16 million colors
• Wide palette of pure uniform whites with
variable linear color temperature (2700K - 8000K)

• DMX 512 / RDM
• 4-digit 7-segment LED display + 4 soft keys
• Internal operating system updatable via DTS
dongle firmware uploader

• 10 DMX channels (default)

• Integrated Full-range PSU 100-240Vac 50-60 Hz
• Power consumption: 150 W Max

• IP20-rated PSU
_ PowerCON IN/OUT panel connectors
_ XLR 5 pins IN/OUT panel connectors

• IP65-rated PSU
_ Power IN cable; Power OUT Harting panel
_ DMX IN/OUT Harting panel connectors

• IP20 or IP65
• IK protection degree: IK09 (only IP65-rated)
• Housing: Aluminium
• Dimensions (LxHxD):
_ 990 x 168.4 x 140.5 mm (38.98''x6.63''x5.53'')
• Weight: 6.5 Kg (14.3 lbs)
• Finishing: Black

• 1 x Fit joint for joining bars inline (code 02M09519.46)

• 2 x M4 knob for fit joint (code 0511P014)

• 1 x PowerCON IN female cable connector – Only for IP20-rated (code 0520P014)

• 1 x PowerCON OUT female cable connector – Only for IP20-rated (code 0520P029)

• 1 x XLR 5 Pins female cable connector – Only for IP20-rated (code 0508B027)

• 1 x XLR 5 Pins male cable connector – Only for IP20-rated (code 0508B028)

• 1 x HARTING 5 pins male cable connector – Only for IP65-rated (code 02K00548.1)

• 2 x HARTING 4 pins male cable connector – Only for IP65-rated (code 02K00490)

• Kit lens Narrow 10° (code 03.LK.060.N)

• Kit lens Medium 25° (code 03.LK.061.N)

• Kit lens Wide 40° (code 03.LK.062.N)

• Barndoor and Holografic Filter holder (code 03.LA.142)

• Kit Fit joint for joining bars inline (code 03.LA.023)

• Fast-lock bracket kit (code 03.LA.024)

• Short bracket for wall installation (code 03.LA.025)

• Single-side light shield (code 02M09594.46)

• “Fast Lock” omega bracket with connection 1/4 turn (code 02K00467)

• G60 “C” Clamp - max. load 50 Kg (code 0521A004)

• Flightcase for 4 units (code 0521C039.1)

• DTS dongle firmware uploader (code 03.LA.206)

• Packaging: Carton box
• Box size: 106 x 20 x 20 cm (41.7’’ x 7.9” x 7.9”)
• Box weight: 7.9 Kg (17.4 lbs)



the product can be customized on request and can be completed with these accessories to make it fit better to your needs

Dimensions 105x61.5x21 cm - 10 Kg

cod. 0521C039.1 4 Units Flightcase

Kit Lens Narrow 10° cod. 03.LK.060.N
Kit Lens Medium 25° cod. 03.LK.061.N
Kit Lens Wide 40° cod. 03.LK.062.N


code 03.LA.206

Universal Hook Clamp
Max load 40 Kg (88 lbs)

cod. 0521A047

SHORT BRACKET for wall installation

cod. 03.LA.025

KIT FIT JOINT for joinning bars inline

cod. 03.LA.023


cod. 02M09594.46


cod. 03.LA.142


cod. 03.LA.024


cod. 02K00467

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