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6-color LED source with Ø 250 mm Fresnel lens

10° - 47° linear zoom

high luminosity with an evenly diffused and flat beam

superior white light quality
and accurate color rendering

extended color palette

wide gamut of pastel-like colors

linear CCT to meet camera
or production requests

Silent mode for theatres and TV studios

'Hi-Q Dimming' technology

Green – Magenta linear balance,
for a natural reproduction of any skin tone

Technical data

ALCHEMY 5 is a high performance LED wash moving head that garantee high luminosity coupled with a superior quality of light, both in white lights in which an accurate color rendering is assured, and in colors. Alchemy 5 is  one of the first projectors to be marked HQS (High quality Spectrum-DTS trademark) with which we emphasize the ability to generate high quality whites, a palette of colors more extensive than the range of pastel-like nuances.
In Addition ALCHEMY 5 has been designed to meet the theatre and television needs where quietness, versability and quality of the light are paramount.

• Multi-chip LED source

• LED source: 400 W

• Lumen output: 10,800

• CRI: up to 98

• TLCI: up to 96

• LED lifespan: 20,000 hours (70% lumen output)

• 10°- 47° linear zoom

• Ø 250 mm Fresnel lens

• Beam shaper (2x1 ratio) with endless rotation; indexable

• 2 DMX-selectable frost filters (Soft and Heavy)

• Retractable ‘top hat’

Linear CCT (1800 K - 10000 K)

Green saturation: Linearly adjustable green/magenta point

• 100 gel filters emulation
- Linear crossfade from gel filters emulation to CCT whites
- Linear crossfade between emulated gel filters
- True color of gel filters emulation at any CCT values

• “Raw” RGBACL color-mixing in ‘Advanced’ mode

Extra deep colors: Two DMX-selectable filters (‘deeper blue’ and ‘deep red’) allow to further extend the range of reproducible colors toward the two ends of the visible spectrum

HQS (High Quality Spectrum) - DTS’ trademark certifies a product’ superior white light quality and its ability to generate an extended color palette offering a wider gamut of pastel shades with rich warm nuances.

‘Hi-Q Dimming’ technology – guarantees a perfect linearity in the increase / attenuation of brightness of multi-chip LED sources, even at low dimming levels, without visible ‘steps’ between adjacent values

Tungsten emulation - CCT variation emulates behavior of Halo-lamps

• LCD graphic display with 4 soft keys (“auto-flip” and “key-lock” functions available)

• Art-Net 4, sACN, RDM/DMX 512 protocols

• ‘Standard’ and ‘Silent’ operation modes
- Noise level at Silent mode: 37dBA @ 1m (normal operation, full power)

• Firmware updatable via DTS firmware uploader dongle

• “Li-Fe” backup battery allows the use of the unit’s on-board display when it is not powered, besides ensuring a safe return and blockage of the top hat during shut down

• 5 DMX modes:
- 1. CCT (default)
- 2. Advanced
- 3. Basic
- 4. Expo
- 5. CMY Emulation

• Pan 540° : 3.8 s

• Tilt 220° : 2.1 s

• 16-bit resolution

• Pan / Tilt lock

• Wide range 100-277Vac 50-60 Hz
• Power consumption: 450 W max
• Power Factor: PF >0.90

• Power supply: PowerCON TRUE1 In/Out panel connectors

• DMX: XLR 3-pole and 5-pole In/Out panel connectors

• Art-Net / sACN: etherCON RJ45 connector

Overvoltage and overtemperature circuits protection

-10° / 45° C

• IP20
• Weight: 26.5 Kg (58 lbs)
• Finishing: Black

• 1 x PowerCON TRUE1 female cable connector (code 0520P066)

• 2 x Omega bracket with “Fast Lock” connection 1/4 turn (code 02K00549)

• 1 x Alchemy 5 EZ-shell 560 x 490 x 670 mm - 2 pcs needed in each flightcase (0512K152.1)

• Aliscaf clamp for tube diameter 48-51 mm - max. load. 200 Kg (code 0521A033)

• G-QUICK clamp Professional - max. load 100 Kg (code 0521A037)

• Flightcase for 2 units (code 0521C078)

• Outdoor DMX cable 2 x 0,25 mm2 - Flame retardant (code 0509C158)

• Safety cable 5 x 600 mm - max capacity load 60 Kg (code 0521A038)

• DTS firmware uploader dongle (code 03.LA.206)



    the product can be customized on request and can be completed with these accessories to make it fit better to your needs

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