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Tens of thousands of products tested and tried in the most demanding lighting applications all over the world: from live shows to television studios and from theatre to outdoor, indoor and underwater architectural lighting.
Whatever your need, we have the lighting solution.

Laura sings on a big stage with long catwalk highlited with Synergy 5 profile and Katanad - interview with LD Francesco de Cave
TV launch for this moving head: "I chose SYNERGY 5 PROFILE after a long comparative test, at the end I decided to include 24 units in 'Who Knows You?'" DoP
The piece "Lloydsplein Veendam" by Rob Oost, in Veendam, has been lit by DIVEs projectors remotely powered by a DRIVENET 1664 24Vdc LED controller
On board the Pacifica, the new lighting installed in the Grand Bar Rhapsody, Aft Lounge and Atrium features a combination of LED fixtures by DTS

100% Italians.

We love this job; and we do it with passion. Our projectors are 100% designed, engineered, manufactured and assembled at the DTS plants in Italy, with the pursuit of total product quality and the commitment to create products that really make a difference on the market.
If you strive for excellence, contact us: your job is our passion.

We’ve got the

DTS lighting products are suitable for any professional use, from entertainment to architectural applications.
Whatever your lighting project, we have the technological solution to implement it.