Tens of thousands of products tested and tried in the most demanding lighting applications all over the world: from live shows to television studios and from theatre to outdoor, indoor and underwater architectural lighting.
Whatever your need, we have the lighting solution.

DTS is on the X Factor stage with 370 moving heads

Stunning; there’s no better words to describe X Factor 2016 show. An edition to remember for the photography quality and the creative lighting design.

DTS: light in the heart of the city.

DTS participated with its projectors to the third edition of “Cœur de Ville en lumières”, held in Montpellier, France.

Pooh: 50 years of career highlighted with EVO

The Pooh Reunion Tour stage is something impressive, with four giant LED wall integrated into a huge lighting system.

Sheikh Zayed Dubai bridge shines with HELIOS BRONZE.

The Sheikh Zayed Dubai bridge is a technical marvel that at night shines with the magic of the colors projected by 240 HELIOS BRONZE FC units, made by DTS.

100% Italians.

We love this job; and we do it with passion. Our projectors are 100% designed, engineered, manufactured and assembled at the DTS plants in Italy, with the pursuit of total product quality and the commitment to create products that really make a difference on the market.
If you strive for excellence, contact us: your job is our passion.

We’ve got the

DTS lighting products are suitable for any professional use, from entertainment to architectural applications.
Whatever your lighting project, we have the technological solution to implement it.