The beautiful Kurhaus Merano updates its lighting with NRG 1201

The Kurhaus Merano is one of the finest examples of historic ‘Liberty’ style buildings. Designed by Josef Czerny in 1874, and renovated by architect Friedrich Ohmann in 1914, it has become the icon of Merano, and a symbol of the vocation to well being of the South Tyrol city, that’s both a holiday destination and a place of elegant relaxation. Merano, thanks to its geographical position between the incomparable scenic beauty of the southern side of the Alps, has gradually become an important location for conferences and cultural activities. The Kurhaus, with its elegance and its centrality in the urban context, is a truly charming venue for managing a wide range of events. The ‘Pavillon des Fleurs’, with its neoclassical stucco and large gilt mirrors, is one of the most elegant and charming halls of the complex; the perfect place for gala dinners, business meetings, conferences, but also for fashion shows and presentations, as well as concerts and cultural events.

A new lighting system, consisting of NRG 1201 Led moving heads by DTS was installed in the Pavillon des Fleurs a few days ago. The system was designed by Trikon, and installed by Audiotek, both companies set in Bolzano. The NRG 1201 were placed on the capitals of the columns that embellish the two opposite sides of the great room.
Matteo Oliva, head of Trikon, said: “The NRG 1201 units allow us to adequately illuminate any type of event that takes place in the hall; we use all the functions of the NRG 1201 units: the great light output, the long-excursion zoom, the macros with different white color temperatures, and the beautiful colors. I chose the NRGs with bodies in white finish, to fit them in the refined setting of the Pavillon des Fleurs; I appreciate very much the look of the NRGs: the white finishing is applied not only to the body, but to any other part, including the heat sinks. The client was very satisfied with the NRGs for their brightness and for their silent running, but also for their compactness and the beautiful look that made it possible to fit them easily in an elegant and exclusive place as the Kurhaus.”

Kurhaus exterior: Photographer: Armin Kübelbeck, CC-BY-SA, Wikimedia Commons

  • VenueKurhaus
  • LocationMerano, Italy
  • Design / installationTrikon, Bolzano / Audiotek, Bolzano
  • Product involvedNICK NRG 1201