Carpesol: the new oasis of tranquility, complemented with DTS projectors

Carpesol, SPA and Bath – one of germany’s most modern spa pool complexes – recently opened in Bad Rothenfelde. This new oasis of tranquillity and relaxation was complemented with a stylish installation of 48 DTS projectors, including JACK and NRG 1201 moving heads, and FOS 100 FC LED bars. The projectors were installed in the large dome above the main pool. The lighting design was made by German company Arsluminis (Lighting Designer & Programmer: Michael Kantrowitsch; Associate LD: Marius Bieckmann). Pre-programmed scenes can change the atmosphere for different purpuses; i.e. a scene for the sunset, a stage scene for events, a lounge scene and music/disco scenes.

  • SiteCarpesol, SPA and Bath
  • LocationBad Rothenfelde, Germany
  • Lighting designArsluminis (LD: Michael Kantrowitsch; Associate LD: Marius Bieckmann)
  • Technical installation BKW Elektro GmbH and RST Veranstaltungstechnik GbR
  • ArchitectDe Witt Janßen Partner
  • Products involvedFOS POWER, JACK, NICK NRG 1201