‘Day of the State Flag’: Moldova Parliament’s building is lit by DTS

Last April 27th the Republic of Moldova celebrated the ‘Day of the State Flag’. The blue, yellow, and red vertical tricolor was officially designated in 1990 as the flag of the Country. On the special occasion of the 25 years of this national symbol, a series of events was organized in Moldova, ranging from a solemn meeting in the Parliament to concerts, performances and light shows.
IvasArt had the honor to illuminate the Parliament’s building in Chisinau City.
50 fixtures by DTS were used for this demanding task: 24 x RAPTORs were placed on the roof of the building, crowning it with their beams; 20 x DELTA and NRG 1201 units washed the Parliament’s façade with the flag colors; 6 x XR3000 SPOT CMY projected multi-color gobos on the building.

  • Event‘Day of the State Flag’
  • SiteParliament's building
  • LocationChisinau City, Moldova
  • Technical productionIvasArt
  • Products involvedRAPTOR, DELTA, NICK NRG 1201