DELTA and FOS paint the Tower of Cristo Re in blue

Saturday, June 15, at 21:00, the icon of Civitanova Marche – the majestic Tower of Cristo Re (bell tower of the omonymous church and at the same time beacon for the city harbor) – has been illuminated by an intense blue. A symbolic choice – the color of the sea – in the heart of the celebrations for being awarded the ‘Blue Flag’, international recognition of the quality of bathing water of Civitanova.
This event in the event was made possible by a lighting installation designed and executed by Yuri Cecarini, which thus describes the implementation.
“I used two types of LED projectors by DTS, the DELTA 8 FULL COLOUR B and the FOS 33 FULL COLOUR bar. The tower was illuminated from below, from two different levels; that’s because the rear part of the tower is connected to a roof 7 meters high. The tower is 44 meters high from the steps to the lower part of the balcony at the top, then there is the dome-shaped cone 8 meters high. I installed 8 x DELTAs with Wide Flood optics, placed two by two, with 2 different angles: one covering from 0 to 20 meters and the other from 20 meters up. Practically 4 pairs of DELTA, 2 on the roof and 2 on the ground – positioned at about 5 meters away from the tower. 6 x FOS 33 bars were installed on the balcony, 44 meters high, to illuminate the final part of the tower, with its characteristic 8-meter high cone shape; the FOS were placed three meters from each other one meter away from the cone. 12 more LED bars were positioned at the base of the tower. All FOS 33 were equipped with Medium Flood optics, and were powered and controlled via Z8.”

  • SiteTower of Cristo Re
  • LocationCivitanova Marche, Italy
  • Products involvedDELTA, FOS