DELTAs installed on the top of the Republic Plaza skyscraper, Singapore

Singapore: With a height of 280 meters, Republic Plaza is one of the three tallest skyscrapers in Singapore. The building features a simple square form with beveled corners at the base which was adopted for the design of the tower. The tower has always been an iconic landmark of the city’s skyline during both daytime and at night. However as the current landscape of the skyline has evolved with many new and brightly illuminated buildings surrounding the Plaza, it seemed that it was time for this tall edifice to get a chromatic enhancement for its peak, and it did so with a show of bright colors, expertly timed from 48 units of DELTA 8 B Full Color (RGBW) fixtures, chosen to be installed in the tower. The DELTAs were supplied by DTS Lighting Singapore Pte Ltd.
The project’s lighting designer, Mac Chan, has many years of positive experience working with lighting fixtures from DTS’ entertainment range and was confident that DTS architectural fixtures will deliver the required projected illumination of his design.
DELTA 8 B projectors feature an epoxy paint coated corrosion proof aluminium and steel housing, and an IP65 protection level against atmospheric agents – ideally suited for permanent applications that call for high levels of reliability and durability as the lighting system for Republic Plaza.
At the heart of the new lighting system is the control rack which features a CPU, a MA Lighting 2Port Node unit for the conversion of Ethernet into DMX data, and a network of 12 units of DTS Z40 supply/control units. Each Z40 can power and control up to 4 DELTA 8 B fixtures and features 16 output channels (4 channels x 4 groups).

  • BuildingRepublic Plaza
  • LocationSingapore
  • Lighting DesignerMac Chan
  • SupplierDTS Lighting Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Product involvedDELTA