DTS lights up ‘Kazan Autumn’ 2015

The International Opera Festival ‘Kazan Autumn’ was born in 2011, thanks to Alexander Sladkovsky, Artistic Director and conductor of the Symphony Orchestra of State of the Republic of Tatarstan. The format is that of an opera festival in the open air, to bring the tradition of classical music among his audience of fans, in the heart of the city of Kazan. This year, the genre chosen by the Director Sladkovsky was the operetta, to delight the audience with arias of the great composers, such as Franz Lehar and Johann Strauss, performed by opera singer Pauline Pastirchak (winner of the 65th Geneva International Music Competition).
Creating an open-air event of that size is not easy, due to the weather conditions of the area that can go from heavy rain to very low temperatures. That’s why the technical organization of the festival was entrusted to Imlight, a company that has an extensive experience in the management of successful events of very high profile. Imlight built a spectacular pavilion overlooking the historic ‘Palace of Farmers’, and set up the technical infrastructure that fully met the demands of the organizers of the festival.
For the lighting system, Imlight installed a wide range of DTS projectors, including RAPTOR and XR1200 WASH moving heads.
Director Alexander Sladkovsky commented: “… in any weather condition, the orchestra will be able to play, the artists will sing, and we will do it, if possible, very well.”

  • Event‘Kazan Autumn’ 2015
  • LocationKazan, Tatarstan, Russia
  • Technical organizationImlight
  • Product involvedRAPTOR