DTS is Technology Sponsor at EXPO Milano 2015

DTS is Technology Sponsor of the Republic of San Marino Pavilion at the Universal Exhibition ‘EXPO Milano 2015’. A network of latest generation LED products – provided by DTS – will illuminate for six months the pavilion of the Republic.
San Marino has created a high-tech pavilion, choosing for this production two partners featuring a high innovative profile:
DTS for the lighting infrastructure of the pavilion;
HD Forum Italy for the multi-media infrastructure (HD Forum Italy associates the main companies in the audiovisual sector, with the goal of spreading advanced technologies such as Ultra High Definition).
Being associated with this event of global importance, where each country shows its excellence, rewards DTS for the quality and reliability of its products.
A network of FOS 100 FC LED bars has been installed inside the pavilion; the FOS units are equipped with Wide or Narrow lenses, and are connected to Z8 series power supplies / controllers. FOS bars are arranged on the side walls and on the back wall, lighting up with their beams an iconic sky made of hundreds of forks hanging from the ceiling.
More NRG 801 LED moving heads are arranged above and below the ‘sky’, further enhancing it with colors and movements. All projectors are controlled via DMX by an external console; the lighting design is pre-programmed and synchronized with the San Marino official video that runs on a large LED wall – in 4K technology.
The choice of the DTS products is synergic with the themes of EXPO 2015: the aim of ensuring sufficient food for all people is in fact associated with respect for the delicate balance of the Earth, and with the sustainability of production cycles, thanks to a careful and eco-friendly use of energy resources. That’s why the DTS projectors, featuring low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, and long life of the components, are low environmental impact systems, perfectly integrated in the context of EXPO Milano 2015.

  • EventEXPO Milano 2015
  • InstallationRepublic of San Marino Pavilion
  • System IntegratorM.B. System 2000
  • Products involvedFOS, NICK NRG 801