EVO and RAPTOR paint the skies of Northumberland

Moving heads EVO and RAPTOR have boosted the 2015 edition of the ‘Blyth & Lighting Fireworks Spectacular’, last November 1st in Blyth, Northumberland, UK, before a crowd of 18,000 people. The rental company Steadlands Lighting & Sound installed the RAPTORs on the helicopter landing pad of a ship docked in the port; a complex but very effective placement: the powerful projections directed towards the sky added a stunning view to the magic of fireworks with rays that seemed to have no end.
Said David Thompson of Steadlands Lighting & Sound. “It ‘s impressive to see the incredible distance the beams travelled.”
The EVOs were instead chosen to light the bow and starboard side of the ship with an expressive mix of rotating gobos and an almost infinite variety of colors.
But the most impressive element of the entire installation was the reestablishment of the Blyth historic lighthouse, obtained with a single RAPTOR. The bright beam and the infinite Pan movement of the RAPTOR allowed to perfectly simulate the rotation and powerful projection of the old lighthouse, which became once again the reference point of the port.
James Bawn, Lighting Designer of the event, commented: “After seeing a demo of EVO and RAPTOR, I decided to specify them for this project. RAPTOR is very compact but equipped with excellent features. EVOs were simply amazing, fast and bright, with optics that allowed me to easily cut through the ambient lightin”.

  • Event‘Blyth Fireworks & Lighting Spectacular’
  • LocationBlyth, Northumberland, UK
  • Rental companySteadlands Lighting & Sound
  • Products involvedEVO, RAPTOR