The Haarlemmerplein fountain shines with the DIVEs, in Amsterdam

Haarlemmerplein is a historic square in Amsterdam that connects Marnixstraat with Planciusstraat, bordering the Singel canal. The square has been completely restored, after careful works lasted about a year, with adjustments including those concerning water pipes and gas. On November 22, the square was officially reopened, with a party that involved the whole neighborhood . It was an opportunity to show the new attraction that Haarlemmerplein offers: a large dancing water fountain consisting of 42 water pumps. An integral part of the fountain are 42 x DIVE 3 projectors, installed at each pump and synchronized with it. The DIVE 3 are compact LED projectors (IP68) designed for fixed or recessed underwater installations, in fountains and swimming pools. During the day, and when weather conditions are suitable, the public can play with water jets, which reach up to 3 m. In the evening, the Haarlemmerplein fountain offers the spectacular show of the water jets that move according to a carefully planned choreography, intensely colored by the DIVE projectors.

  • Project Haarlemmerplein fountain
  • LocationAmsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Product supplier / Lighting programmingFull AVL
  • Products involvedDIVE 1, DIVE 3, DIVE 6