‘Il Grande Spettacolo dell’Acqua’, is staged with MAX and RAPTOR

Il Grande Spettacolo dell’Acqua’, sponsored by the Foundation ‘Insieme per …’ is an impressive show featuring theatre, dance, light and music – represented on the shores of Lake St. Peter in Monteverde, Italy – which tells the life and miracles of Gerardo Maiella, the Holy friend of the poor, who lived in the places on the border between Campania, Puglia and Basilicata. Represented for the first time in 2006, ‘Il Grande Spettacolo dell’Acqua’ has had 256 replicas since, with more than 250,000 viewers.
The show – which includes suggestive choreography on the background of large dancing fountains – is now proposed in a new version enhanced by the brightness and versatility of D.T.S. projectors.
6 x MAX multi-function moving heads and 14 x RAPTOR Beam moving heads filled the sky with brilliant beams; 14 x FOS 100 POWER Led bars have enhanced the show with an infinite range of multicolor projections.

  • EventIl Grande Spettacolo dell’Acqua’
  • LocationLake St. Peter, Monteverde, Italy
  • Technical managerEng. Vidio Carbone
  • ProductionFoundation ‘Insieme per …’
  • Products involvedMAX, RAPTOR, FOS 100 DYNAMIC