The Phoenix takes flight with D.T.S. at Red Valley Festival 2015

An immense Phoenix spread its wings on the beach of the Red Rocks of Arbatax, in Sardinia: it is here that mythology has merged with the lighting technology in the heart of one of the most charming landscapes of Italy. The Red Rocks have a very close relationship with the great music, having already hosted the likes of Patti Smith, Lou Reed and Eric Clapton.
In Arbatax, the Phoenix does not rise from its ashes, but expresses its special relationship with the sun, which enhances this wonderful place, giving beautiful reflections to the red of its rocks and the emerald sea.
But at Red Rocks, the majestic Phoenix (16 meters high by 35 wide) is first of all the extraordinary setting of the Red Valley Festival: a giant DJ set which took place over two nights, on 5 and 6 August, with the participation of Italian and international DJs and the two world-renowned guest stars Steve Aoki and Deorro.
When the glaring sun gave way to dusk, 110 D.T.S. fixtures – installed by the rental company ‘I desideri’ – highlighted with bright colors the artistically stylized feathers of the mythological bird, and enhanced the performances of the DJs.
40 x RAPTOR moving heads and 24 x blinders FLASH 4000 L have been installed around the Phoenix outline.
12 x \XR300 BEAM moving heads were placed on the ground.
34 x FOS 100 SOLO FC LED bars have colored the impressive scenery.

  • EventRed Valley Festival 2015
  • LocationRed Rocks, Arbatax, Sardinia, Italy
  • Rental CompanyI Desideri
  • Lighting DesignerMarco Zoa
  • Products involvedFOS POWER, RAPTOR