The ‘Salt Warehouses’ protagonist with DTS

The ‘Salt Warehouses’ are reflected in all their majesty in the water of the ‘Salt pans Canal, Cervia, set on the Adriatic Sea coast of Italy. The ‘Salt Warehouses’ are a beautiful example of protection and perfect preservation of a historic building (late 17th century) which has always been a central element in economic and social life of Cervia. From place for storage of salt produced in the salt pans (the ‘white gold’ of this city, in the long period when the salt was the only method of food preservation), the ‘Salt Warehouses’ have become today the fascinating location of exhibitions and shows.
Since last July 3 and for the next few days, they have been the protagonists of a special lighting project that has enveloped the austere beauty of their architecture in a charming pink.
The lighting of the Warehouses was produced by the rental company ‘E.P.S.’, which installed a lighting network made of DELTA 8 B LED projectors and FOS 100 DYNAMIC LED bars, on the ground around the building.

  • Site'Salt Warehouses'
  • LocationCervia, Italy
  • Rental companyE.P.S.
  • Products involvedFOS 100 DYNAMIC, DELTA