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Founded in 1980, DTS is an industry leader in professional lighting design. Driven by our passion and extensive experience, we create and manufacture unique projectors addressed to both entertainment and architectural markets.

Started as a family business, DTS manages directly all production phases that are completely based in Italy.

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Synergy 6 Profile moving head represents the new era in terms of efficiency.
Never settle for anything less than you deserve.

Synergy 6 Profile has been designed with the purpose to fit live show requirements: power and efficiency in a slim body.

The projector was a new challenge for DTS: 109,000 Lux @ 5 m (25.100 lm output), 34.5 Kg and just a 36% higher consumption. With a new, dedicated 570 W pure white LED source, the lighting experience finds a new ally.


DTS Lighting5 months ago
Power and efficiency are key factors to achieve ambitious goals. The Synergy 6 profile moving head represents the new era in ...
DTS Lighting1 year ago
Tenore and Soprano are the ultimate addition to DTS's family of conventional LED projectors. Offering a wide range of sources for ...

Case history

Vilnius Puppet Theatre invites the audience to the new autumn season with a significant renewal. Lighting and audio structures were the subject of this major renovation and modernization.

Kaunas State Musical Theatre has been under reconstruction. UAB “Sonus exsertus” in cooperation with AB Light were responsible for the architectural lighting solution for the building’s façade.