400 DTS moving heads at ‘Italia’s Got Talent’

Over 400 DTS moving heads (RAPTOR, NICK NRG 1201 and WONDER D) – supplied and installed by the rental company Madema Italy – lit the 2016 edition of ‘Italy’s Got Talent‘, broadcast on Sky One.


The show, based on the Anglo-American format ‘Got Talent’, saw a panel of four judges called upon to evaluate the contestants who performed in a discipline of their choice (music, song, dance, illusionism, acrobatics, imitation, etc.)
The four judges, Claudio Bisio, Nina Zilli, Luciana Litizzetto and Frank Matano, plus on-line voting, gave the award to the talented harmonica player Moses, in the final broadcast, last May 13.

Director of Photography, Massimiliano Fusco.

  • Event400 DTS moving heads at 'Italia’s Got Talent'.
  • LocationSky Uno
  • Rental CompanyMadema Italia
  • Director of PhotographyMassimiliano Fusco
  • Products involvedRAPTOR, NRG 1201, WONDER D