Altaroma on the catwalk

July 2021: The second annual date with emerging fashion designers has seen them parade in a scenario of yesteryears.

It was in fact the natural scenography of ancient Rome, along with the Studio 10 of Cinecittà, to be the scenery to the Altaroma events.

Altaroma is the capital city’s event dedicated to emerging Italian fashion: since 2002 it is the catwalk from where new trends and new artists come out. Thanks to the repositioning work carried out by Altaroma, Rome has established itself as the cradle of new generations of fashion and part of the Made in Italy fashion system, together with Milan and Florence.

AMG International, one of the most established companies in Italy for audiovisual and stage production (both from a technological and creative design point of view), has been appointed to set up the event with lights, audio, video, and scenography.

Setting up a fashion event means telling a story for each garment that walk down the catwalk. Quality and lighting style is a must for this type of event and that’s why AMG chose to use DTS-branded projectors. The moving heads installed were Synergy 5 Profile for the central row – the one dedicated to the garments, undisputed protagonists and Evo.

The projectors have not been chosen randomly. In fact, they ensure the most suitable illumination of the entire area: Synergy, with its cold white light source and framing system proves to be the optimal choice to project the beam precisely and without flaws or reflections. In addition, the light quality guarantees excellent color rendering values –essential feature in an event where colors are so important. Finally, maximum silence is also granted with Synergy 5.

Evo, on the other hand, presents itself as a versatile moving head with perfect color mixing. Its versatility is assured by the possibility to seamlessly go from beam to spot projection and by the presence of both CMY and CTO, as well as the wide range of rotating and fixed gobos and a color wheel, all of them allowing maximum freedom of use.

The Altaroma schedule included fashion shows, talks, presentations, and the 8th edition of “Showcase”, a project dedicated to 72 emerging and independent Italian brands. As always, the summer edition also renewed the appointment with the final of the scouting project “Who is on Next?”, in collaboration with Vogue Italia.

 The fashion of the future happens in Rome. More than any other city, it embodies a strong-willed, contradictory and eclectic spirit, unbalanced by fascinating aesthetic contradictions that characterizes the creative communities of the present and the future. Rome is a unique ‘millennial’ in the world, and is therefore the perfect place to groom the generation of new creatives in embryo and proposes to tell the contemporary through fashion”, tells Silvia Venturini Fendi, president of Altaroma.

Not even high fashion industry has been spared from these difficult times of pandemics and health crisis. To ensure maximum inclusiveness, the event has been broadcasted live on the dedicated platform “Altaroma Digital Runway”, so as to facilitate the participation to all the scheduled events and, for professionals, to access to private areas in which to meet and interact with designers until the end of December 2021.

Ethical and sustainable fashion, inclusion, gender equality: these are the values that moved a big part of the participating brands in order to improve and to meet not the current trend, but the new push required by the fashion system”, comments finally the Fendi President. “Circular economy, Green Fashion, and the sustainability of products and production processes are the topics that have been progressively breaking trough also thanks to the active commitment of companies and representative organizations in the market. Altaroma has long been a natural basin for these realities and we are proud to have managed to become a point of reference today“.

Altaroma is today a brand with which AMG and DTS are proud to collaborate: a project that looks to the future by enhancing the Italian history of fashion, art and history.

  • YEAR 2021
  • Rental companyAMG International
  • Director of Photography Daniele Davino
  • Products involvedEVO; SYNERGY 5 PROFILE