AMG installs 450 DTS moving heads at X Factor 2016

Stunning; there’s no better words to describe X Factor 2016 show.
An edition to remember for the photography quality (Director of Photography Massimo Pascucci) and the creative lighting design by ‘Made’, X Factor veteran, that lend at each performance the same energy as a big live concert.

DTS is on the X Factor stage with 450 moving heads – EVO, RAPTOR, MAX and NRG 1201 – supplied and installed by AMG International.

Alex Vinciguerra, AMG International Director, said: “We always use DTS moving heads in the most demanding applications: they have a great operative flexibility and they can fit any request of the production or the Director of Photography, in terms of brightness, effects, beam type, and speed. Furthermore, we are sure about the efficient technical support. So, to light up the most seen talent show as X Factor is, we cannot image to work without them.”

Angelo Granati, Production Manager for AMG, describes the lighting installation: “The setup in the LinearCiack Theatre in Milan – from where X Factor is broadcasted live – took about a month, with 25 AMG technicians. We installed 370 DTS moving heads. The RAPTORs, 180 units, draw beams of light across the stage, create great backlit effects and light the stage from above. We also installed 120 EVOs that have proven very useful in a number of different situations: as backlight projections on stage and on the audience, and side projections on the stage.
We stacked 30 MAX units on stage to create additional effects.”
And finally, we used 120 NRG 1201 wash units to light the audience seated in the stalls.”

It’s not by chance that the sound, video and lighting set up for X Factor 2016 was entrusted to AMG International, a well-known Italian rental company having gained a long-standing experience in the design and management of top-level projects for entertainment, in Italy and abroad.