BRICK: Match Point at Rome’s International Tennis Championship

As part of the AMG International‘s complex set-up made for the recent Internazionali di tennis in Rome, the Foro Italico – the venue for the competition – has received the make-up of refined lighting, which has given new charm to the historic site.
The lighting project was entrusted to DoP Massimo Pascucci, with the collaboration of Daniele Davino.

The lighting concept” – said Pascucci – “originated from a simple idea but of great impact; lighting every single element of the village while hiding all the lighting bodies, painting it with colors as if it was a huge canvas.
The BRICKs have, most likely, played the most important function;” – commented Pascucci – “we placed them at the base of the trees that swell across the location, and with their spectacular power they have delivered the luminosity that we needed to give strength to our lighting scheme. In addition to its great power and color brilliance, the BRICK is especially appreciated because we are talking about a product with IP65 protection that can be installed anywhere, and this is an ideal feature for the LDs engaged in open-air lighting projects of such magnitude.”

  • YEAR 2017
  • Director of photographyMassimo Pascucci
  • Rental CompanyAMG International
  • Products InvolvedBRICK