DTS lit up the Castello Aragonese of Ischia

The 87th edition of the ‘Festa di Sant’Anna’, held last 26 July in the incomparable setting of Ischia, sparkled with EVO’s and RAPTOR’s projections. The festival – which celebrates the devotion of the Ischitans for Sant’Anna – has renewed the magic of the Bay of Cartaromana and the historic Aragonese Castle, lit up for the occasion by DTS projectors, installed by ‘Banfi Service’ of Ischia.

Carlo Banfi, owner of the Service, described the particular lighting set up:

We installed 28 RAPTORS along the pier of Cartaromana Bay, in front of the Aragonese Castle. The projectors were arranged at the top of the public lighting poles: in pairs on the Bay front side, single on the opposite side of the dock.
We used the RAPTORs in various ways: for lighting the front of the Castle (with frost filter inserted); to project very bright and attractive tracing beams towards the sky; in some scenes we used the frosted RAPTORs with the heads parallel to the water surface, creating a very suggestive ‘fog’ effect. Basically we used white and Light Blue, referring to the color of the sea.
The spectacular thing about RAPTOR projections is that they were incredible beams of light visible from any distance.

We also installed 4 EVO moving heads on top of the Guevara Tower, 300 meters away, to project a side white light on the Aragonese Castle. Another EVO placed frontally projected on the Castle a gobo customized according to the theme of the festival, which this year focused on the tradition of home embroidery of Ischia women.
Projections were always bright and precise, despite the considerable distances to be covered.

The particular thing about this installation, which we have been doing for some years, is that we controlled all the projectors with Art-Net on Wi-Fi.
The RAPTOR and EVO in fact were set at a considerable distance from the lighting console (up to 300 meters); carrying DMX on cables would have been impossible.
The solution was to set up the Wi-Fi transmission to remotely control the entire network.
Everything worked perfectly.”

  • YEAR 2019
  • InstallationBanfi Service
  • Projectors rentingEmmedue
  • Lighting DesignDavide Scognamiglio
  • PhotosAntonio Mattera
  • Product involvedEVO; RAPTOR