Euphony 3 at the Dubai Expo

The Italian Professional Lighting Company’s ceiling wash projectors have been selected to be a part of the lighting plot in the Italian Pavilion 

Interpreting the Dubai Expo theme, “Connecting minds, creating the future”, Italy contributes to the event with its own “Beauty connects people” Pavilion, offering an interactive exposition that incorporates demonstrative installations promoting innovation and sustainability. The pavilion is in fact Italy’s most eco-friendly in the history of its participation and features sustainable elements that enlighten the country’s cultural heritage. 

Much like the entire installation, the auditorium located inside the building was developed in the spirit of inclusion and connection between different cultures. The conference room, seating 144 guests, will in fact be used as a polyfunctional area, hosting talks, conferences, and seminars during the six-month-long exposition.

The huge lighting plot employed by the Pavilion sees a number of DTS’s wash projectors Euphony 3 in the auditorium. These moving heads combine the excellent lighting effects of an entertainment projector and the versatility of those that are more suitable for architecture. In fact, The Italian Professional Lighting Company has recently developed a line of projectors that would be suitable for both entertainment and architecture projects alike. In particular, the projectors were used in the installation in order to shine a light on both the seats where the public would be and the main stage during conferences and seminars.

The project of the entire pavilion was crafted by a group of contractors led by Carlo Ratti, Italo Rota with the help of engineering group F&M Ingegneria, while the lighting plot was designed by the lighting designer Lorenzo Bruscaglioni and architect Paolo Volorio from the firm Luminae Lighting, with the support of Walter Lutzu, lighting industry expert.

“We scoured the market for a projector that could be incredibly versatile” Says Lorenzo Bruscaglioni

Euphony 3 can be used for both entertainment and architecture projects, and can easily be adapted to different scenarios: These moving heads’ most distinctive trait is that they can be installed through the ceiling, which makes it possible for them to be integrated into every space, offering the best lighting option while being particularly discreet.

“One more aspect we focused on when we researched the best option for the project, given the number of needs required for this section of the pavilion, was that the projector could deliver high-quality light for a long period of time”

adds the Lighting Designer

“These projectors will be used on a daily basis until March 2022, for this reason we needed to rely on the products, both for light quality, quietness and most importantly, we needed them to be dependable in the long run”

Raffaella Scaccia, Sales Director at DTS Lighting says she’s enthusiastic about the presence of Euphony 3 at the Universal Expo :

“We’re incredibly happy of the positive reviews that one of our products has received once again. Being chosen to be a part of the lighting plot in the Italian pavilion thanks to our reliability and quality is something we’re very  proud of, and most importantly it’s very important to us to be representatives of the Made in Italy trademark in such an important event like the Universal Expo”

  • YEAR 2021
  • Photo Credits Massimo Sestini
  • Lighting DesignerLorenzo Bruscaglioni