Elisa: ‘Together here we are’, with BRICK and KATANA

A one of a kind event held in the historic Arena of Verona.
Elisa celebrated her first twenty years of success with four concerts (12, 13, 15 and 16 September), in which she showed three different expressions of her faceted musical sensibility: the pop rock side, the most intimated acoustic side, and the orchestral one.
120 BRICK and 40 KATANA were an integral part of the light rig. The setting up of these four evenings was made by the impeccable team of Agorà.

Interview with Francesco De Cave, LD of ‘Together here we are’

Lighting these three conceptually different shows using a single set up must have been a demanding task; perhaps an even bigger challenge than the particular lighting design you had created for the previous ‘On Tour’ of Elisa.

The design of the lighting system was drawn to enhance the multi-faceted event staged by Elisa: the pop rock show, the acoustic show and the orchestral show.
It was the first time I used the BRICK, which turned out to be a perfect projector for all shows.
In the pop rock evening, he delivered all the power he had insid; in the acoustic evening he lit up with his soft light the atmosphere I was able to create on the stage. In the orchestral evening it was capable to highlight the architectural beauty of the Arena of Verona.

We used 120 BRICK units:
70 installed both vertically and horizontally on trusses in backlight, facing the audience, drawing a large arch over the stage. 20 placed backwards on the ground, to evenly light the dancers dancing around Elisa. 30 units were set behind the stage to light the Arena large steps and the so called ‘Wing’. For the ‘Wing’ I asked for 80° holographic filters, which were specially made by DTS for this event.
BRICK is also a terrific beam projector: I used the standard 8° lens to light the steps behind the stage with extra-sharp narrow beams.

I can say that the BRICKs are very versatile projectors; they can be used as strobes, as blinders, as architectural wash lights, as beams, simply by replacing their holographic filters.

I had already used KATANA in previous projects. For ‘Together here we are’ I installed them on the front trusses horizontally and vertically to create a proscenium made of light.
I also set them on the ground to create a colorful background for the television shoots, to avoid any black behind the artist. Their extra brightness and the ability to move them gave me the chance to aptly color the haze that was behind the artist, creating a colorful background.”

Francesco De Cave: www.francescodecave.it

  • YEAR 2017
  • Rental CompanyAgorà
  • Lighting DesignerFrancesco De Cave
  • Products involvedBRICK; KATANA