Renewed Lithuanian armed forces Vilnius Garrison officers club

Vilnius: commemorating its 30th anniversary this year Lithuanian armed forces Vilnius Garrison officers club in the center of the capital on Pamėnkalnis street welcomed the spring with a renewal.

Client requests

Stage technologies have been updated in the main hall, a modern artistic lighting system and lifting mechanisms have been installed which will improve the quality of the events taking place there and expand the variety of scenarios.

The administrators of the Lithuanian armed forces Vilnius Garrison officers club hope that the renovated space which can accommodate almost 300 spectators will be attractive to the organizers of various events and their participants will be able to enjoy more diverse and higher quality events.

Every year, about a hundred large events take place in our premises. They are not intended only for employees of the national defense system or their family members, the events are also intended for the public. Book presentations, concerts, performances, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, corporate events, educational activities that bring together members of the Lithuanian Armed Forces and the public are held here. Therefore, the renovation of the hall was a priority for us. We are happy that the installed equipment will help the event producers of Lithuanian armed forces Vilnius Garrison officers club to implement their more complex ideas and create an exceptional atmosphere“, says Donata Kubilienė, adviser of Lithuanian armed forces Vilnius Garrison officers club

The main project

The installation works of stage lifting equipment and artistic lighting system were performed by the company “Sonus exsertus” which has implemented several projects of national significance.
The company’s specialists have installed lighting, sound and stage lifting technologies in the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, Kaunas State Music Theatre, Vilnius City Hall and other facilities.

Tomas Fabijonavičius the project manager who coordinated the renovation of the Lithuanian armed forces Vilnius Garrison officers club hall says that all the installation work of lighting and stage lifting equipment took a little less than half a year.

The project consisted of two phases.

The lighting plot

First of all, artistic lighting equipmenet was purchased and installed, the technical requirements of which were met by equipment from the Italian manufacturer DTS Lighting.
In order to reduce visual pollution for the audience and provide them with the most pleasant experience possible, multifunctional 12-meter long bridges manufactured by Sonus exsertus were chosen.
They are used to hang the lighting equipment and event decorations, while hiding all visible wiring.

When implementing projects, we aim to ensure the highest quality by responding to the demands of the customer and taking into account the needs of event organizers, so we always try to install technology that would help artists create more unique scenarios and be able to fulfill their ambitions.” says T. Fabijonavičius.

Stage equipment

Chain hoists of an Italian company were used for the lifting mechanisms of the bridges, which are characterized by a particularly high safety category and exceptional noise control.

Finally, Sonus exsertus engineers trained the technical staff of the Lithuanian armed forces Vilnius Garrison officers club to use the installed lighting and stage lifting equipment system.

We are very satisfied with both the process of implementation and the final result. The work went smoothly, our needs were taken into acount, we received valuable advice.” says the representative of the Lithuanian armed forces Vilnius Garrison officers club.


  • YEAR 2023
  • DTS Lighting distributor
    in the Baltics and Georgia
    Sonus exsertus
  • Photo credits@ Simonas Lankutis
  • Products involvedALCHEMY 5