KATANAs are back to Budapest Park

We already had a talk with Máté Lukácsovics three years ago. Today we speak with him about the Margaret Island concert that was held last year in Budapest Park.

Máté describes the new lighting set up in which he included, again, the Katana LED bars perfect for obtaining a catching show.

“We started to use DTS Katana at our bigger concerts with Margaret Island in 2019 and this has quickly become one of our favorite lighting fixtures on the market.

The band and I prefer a more modern, clean, and simple lighting look and, thanks to these fixtures, I can create the desired effect easily and add some extra punch, coupled with creative effects.

We had our largest concert this year in Budapest Park, which is the greatest outdoor concert venue in Europe. For that concert I tried to create a lighting design which can show how the performance would look like if we had mostly mainstage and bigger festival shows.

My main goal was to create a reference concert and to show our audience what a Margaret Island show would look like without technical compromises on a mid-size stage like this one.

With my associate LD, Alex, we tried some different rigs and lighting designs in L8 and Wysiwyg, and we chose our final design with 23 Katanas on 5 vertical trusses. That was very practical because we were able to set up the 6 structure trusses onsite with some ordinary pixel bars and complement them with these 5 trusses in the middle so to fit the main concept. Other than that, we also tried to play around with the space we had, so we placed 2 trusses behind the band and 3 between the musicians. In my opinion this little twist made our concept look really exciting.

The show was fully pre-programmed and timecoded using our full-size grandMA 2 and played back on the local MA 2.

We took advantage of the Katanas in several ways: we created the usual narrow light blade, which was really impressive with this vertical setup and then I created some silhouette effects with a wide zoom angle.
Sometimes I used a few pixels on each fixture which looked very fascinating with narrow and wide zoom too. I aimed to use a wide scale of color presets and effects and also made some pastels and gradient looks.

In the past few years, I tried to prepare the production’s visual appearance. After Covid-19, we have programmed a new timecode show, designed a new tour set and tried to bring the international lighting and design trends to the Hungarian market.”



Exceptionally we had the lead singer, Viki Lábas, comment about the lighting design.


“I’m so glad we found Máté because, since I’ve been working with him, I can finally feel and see that one of our big dreams has come true by being able to catch up with the internationals in the aspect of visuals in the small Hungarian market.

Thanks to Máté’s humble and persistent non-stop work, whatever he created always represented a very exigent, sleek and clean look, which gives both our audience and us musicians a great experience on stage. Year after year he amazes us with new concepts and ideas, which are usually only limited by financial limitations.
Yet he can create something huge even from the small number of resources at all times. Silhouettes, clean, easy-to-interpret forms, pastel colors, inscriptions/subtitles with lights: we often feel that we don’t even need a LED wall or VJ.

What he creates complements the message of our music in a very creative and vivid way, when we hit it up and get crazy on stage, the stage itself is on fire even without flames, with softer melodies we can literally “have a seat” in the flood of light and during our pop songs we can feel really cool with his seemingly simple but awesome solutions. I have to mention how musical his thinking is as he pays attention to the musical positions that we always vary and the whole setup is programmed in a way that draws even more attention to all the instrumental musicians.

We really love our current light designs and we hope that in the future our audience and we too will be part of such a beautiful bath of light as many times as possible.”

  • YEAR 2022
  • Lighting design and
    Máté Lukácsovics
  • Associate Alexander Geszler
  • BandMargaret Island
  • SupplierLight Positive
  • Rental CompanyBeklaar - https://www.facebook.com/beklaar/
  • Visual contentSuper33
  • Management: Szilvi Ligeti
  • Product involvedKATANA