Katana and Synergy light up Vilnius’s municipal choir

Jauna Muzika (Young Music) choir is Vilnius’ municipal choir. It’s one of the most famous and well-known chorale groups in Lithuania. Unfortunately, the group can’t perform live yet due to the pandemic, but made up for it by recording a live performance at Dūmų fabrikas, in Vilnius. Originally a smoke factory, Dūmų fabrikas was transformed in the last few years into an cultural space for artists and singers.

Lighting and scenography were curated by ligthing designer Arvydas Buinauskas. Founder of AB light, Arvydas is a prominent lighting designer in the Lithuanian scene. His works mainly revolve around artistic performances and concerts. He decided to partner up with DTS lighting in the past before and to use our equipment as he finds it very versatile and adaptable to different scenarios.

For this event, Arvydas chose 16 of DTS’ own KATANA LED bars as the main piece of equipment. Arvydas explains that he wanted to create a lighting plot that would not overshadow the choir’s performance “The main goal is to truly feel the performance and to use equipment that helps the musicians to shine.” he says

The main objective was to have a clear backlight for the choir and KATANA proved perfect for this sort of project. What we like the most about katana is its unique ability to have both a very narrow and wide flow of light.

Arvydas also used 4 Synergy 5 to light up the performers. Finally, One Synergy 7 was also added to the back. He explains that the projector’s one of his favorites pieces of equipment due to its powerful output and versatility (more than 55,000 lumens)

“Synergy 7 is so powerful that using one piece is enough to create something very special.”