NRG 1401 and KATANA revamp the hottest club in Zurich

After a recent technical refurbishing, the Kaufleuten Klub features today a cutting-edge lighting system capable to cater for a range of entertainment events.

DTS products are the core of the light rig

16 moving heads – including NRG 1401 – and 12 KATANA LED bars were installed along the balcony and hanghed to the ceiling.
14 more LED moving heads – NRG 1401 and NRG 501 – were installed on stage.
The background lighting of the hall is provided by a network of over 120 DTS LED projectors (FOCUS, MINI FOCUS and VICE R) managed by DRIVENET digital supply/controller units.

The Kaufleuten is not just a club, but a real institution.

Housed in a historic building built over a century ago in the Pelikan Strasse, the Kaufleuten Klub has enriched the nightlife and artistic life of Zurich since the 90s with a varied offer ranging from international DJ sets to live concerts of major bands, from readings to other exclusive cultural events.
With its imposing Club hall, extravagant courtyard, stylish ballroom and the elegant restaurant, the Kaufleuten Klub remains amongst the most popular meeting places in town.