The Kosmos, Zurich, installed NRG 1201 and SCENA LED

The Kosmos – as its name suggests – is a multi-functional space set in the heart of Zurich, Switzerland.
This modern place works as a magnet attracting people seeking for enjoyment, gourmet cuisine, but above all for a dynamic cultural meeting context.

In fact the Kosmos combines a large bistro, six cinemas and auditoriums, a bar, a café-bookshop and an event ‘forum’ with a stage.
The ‘forum’ is the center of gravity of the complex, becoming in the evenings the setting for lectures, debates, panel discussions, readings and concerts.

Here a lighting rig made of NICK NRG 1201 LED wash moving headshas been installed. The products have been chosen for their ability to suit any of the many activities scheduled, thanks to their wide zoom, advanced color generation and fast pan/tilt.

Also a number of SCENA LED 200 CT theatre lights were installed in various cinema halls within the Kosmos complex.

Both projectors feature a very low energy consumption, a sought-after issue in modern lighting projects.