The Sea Dance

The latest edition of the ‘Notte Rosa‘ – the mega spectacular event that offered concerts, performances, readings, installations and exhibitions to the millions of tourists on holiday on the Adriatic coast – took place simultaneously on the 130 km of the Romagna shore.


But in the midst of this huge and colorful stage, the most singular and evocative show was offered by the 120 RAPTORS that lit ‘Angela Angelina’ and ‘Pcw-T’, two ENI offshore platforms, located off the coast of Ravenna.
The RAPTORs – installed on four boats and directly on the platforms – were the perfect actors of this representation with their extra-bright beams, which created a spectacular light show visible for miles from the coast.


The event, created by the Visual project director Andrea Bernabini, was rightly entitled La Danza del Mare (The Sea Dance); a true choreography of lights that highlighted with colors and offered new perspectives to the two off-shore platforms, on the immense stage set between the coast and the horizon line.

  • YEAR 2017
  • Technical productionPlanet Service Srl
  • Production and creative designAndrea Bernabini “NEO Project”
  • Lighting designerManuel Gamberini
  • Products involvedRAPTOR