‘Lights in the Riviera’: a successful event with the BRICKs

Luci in Riviera – the project

‘Lights in the Riviera’ (Luci in Riviera) is a unique artistic event that highlights the cultural heritage of the Riviera del Brenta, the canal that joins Padua and Venice.
‘Lights in the Riviera’ took place in Dolo – a small town set in the Veneto region – one of the most beautiful examples of the historical and artistic heritage of the Riviera, with beautiful villas in Venetian style that are the testimonies of an atmosphere that has remained unchanged over time.

Technical sponsorship

DTS – always committed to the development and support of the ‘culture of light’ – has provided its BRICK and TITAN LED wash projectors for the event, actively contributing to the success of ‘Lights in the Riviera’ as a technical sponsor.
With its variety of projections thanks to interchangeable optics, IP65 full protection, high quality colors with selectable color temperature, built-in PSU and electronics, BRICK has proven to be perfect also in this task: enhancing the urban environment by creating new visual perspectives thanks to a suggestive and ‘pictorial’ use of light and colors.

‘Lights in the Riviera’ is a project articulated in a series of lighting installations made at various Dolo sites, designed during special Lighting Design Workshops attended by young professionals and students alike.
The installations – active from 18 September to 8 October 2017 – have attracted thousands of enthusiasts and experts, very interested in this example of unconventional urban lighting.

  • YEAR 2017
  • Product involvedBRICK