Mark Knopfler live with the EVOs

5,000 fans and tickets sold out for months for the Mark Knopfler concert at the Arena Della Regina, Cattolica, Italy, a true crossroads of the best international music.

Supported by a band of 10 musicians, Mark gave the audience the thrilling touch of his guitar and the intimist atmospheres, straddling country, folk, jazz, from his latest album, ‘Down the road Wherever’; as well as the Dire Straits, such as the glowing encore of ‘Money for nothing’.

The DTS EVOs lit up the great show of this rock icon: 20 EVOs were hung to 2 parallel trusses running above the stage and 8 more used for side projections.

  • YEAR 2019
  • Rental companyAmandla Productions
  • Product involvedEVO