DIVE: Extreme lighting in Mustique island

Mustique is a tiny private island (5.7 Km2) set in the Small Caribbean Antilles; a paradise full of coral reefs, fabulous beaches and a dream sea.

Mustique is owned by the Mustique Company, formed in the 60s to develop an exclusive hideaway for the richest.
To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the creation of The Mustique Company, the historical Basil’s Bar – the most iconic feature of the island – was refurbished by none other than Philippe Starck.

The refurbishment included the design and installation of Audio, Video and Lighting systems, entrusted to Streamline Systems – a company at the forefront of low voltage engineering, installation and maintenance since 2007.
Streamline Systems’ director Michael Pereira designed a cutting edge lighting system which could be seen in any club in London or NYC but make it look at home, outdoors, on a beachfront.

In his words – “We viewed the property from multiple angles and wanted to give it a bang without taking the bar out of its element or removing natural beauty. We wanted to highlight both height and depth so uplighting of the coconut trees up high would be balanced with the lighting of the surrounding ocean, all with high quality RGBW fixtures which will stand up to the salt water. The DTS DIVE 6 fixtures fit the bill perfectly with their IP68 stainless steel & bronze body.

The dance floor in front of the stage had its own challenges as it’s nestled between gazebos and truly open air looking to the stars above. A total of sixteen DTS DIVE 3 would be used wash the main dance floor while standing up to the salt air and Caribbean sun.

Every DTS fixture was installed on its own channel of the DTS DRIVENET 832 power supply / controller to ensure complete control and to create ‘movement’ and effects.”


Installation details:

8 x DIVE 6 FC installed underwater to wash the ocean.
8 x DIVE 6 FC installed as uplights on trees.
16 x DIVE 3 FC used as wash lights around the perimeter of the outdoors dancefloor.
(All fitted with medium flood lenses).
4 x DRIVENET 832 to power all systems.